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Norwich Amnesty takes part in a wide range of Campaigns throughout the year.

Campaigns and how you can get involved

  • TUNISIA: Show solidarity with the LGBTI community

    June’s month action is to show solidarity with the LGBTI community in Tunisia and write to the Tunisian authorities urging th em to publicly condemn all forms of sexual and gender based violence against LGBTI people.
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  • Democratic Republic of Congo: Child Labour in Cobalt Mines

    Cobalt is a key part of lithium-ion batteries used in products such as smartphones and laptops. Half of the cobalt on the market is extracted in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), amid hazardous working conditions, without the most basic protective equipment, and often involving child labour.
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  • Waleed Abu Al-Khair Starts Hunger Strike

    Imprisoned human rights defender and lawyer, Waleed Abu al-Khair, began a hunger strike on 7 June to protest the prison authorities’ refusal to provide him with adequate medical care and because of his ongoing ill-treatment.

    Waleed Abu al-Khair, a prominent human rights defender and lawyer who is currently serving a 15-year prison sentence for his peaceful activism, began a hunger strike at Briman prison in Jeddah on 7 June in protest at his ongoing ill-treatment by the prison authorities, including their denial of adequate medical treatment. He suffers from diabetes and intestinal complications for which he needs medical attention and a special diet that the prison authorities have refused to provide him.
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  • Demand Urgent Protection for people with albinism being Murdered for body parts

    People are in huge amounts of danger because they are born with a genetic condition: albinism.
    They are being hunted for their bones and body parts, and the perpetrators are going unpunished. Malawi’s government urgently needs to protect the thousands of people with albinism – a vulnerable group of people at risk of abductions and killings.
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  • Peru Family Harassed By Mining Company Personnel

    Máxima Acuña and her family, subsistence farmers in northern Peru, have reported new acts of intimidation and harassment against them, this time by armed security personnel from a mining company. They are in an ongoing legal dispute against the mining company over the ownership of a plot of land where the family lives. They believe the ongoing harassment and intimidation against them is an attempt to drive them away.
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  • Amnesty highlight’s UK’s shameful response to refugee and migrant crisis

    You will no doubt be aware of the ever-increasing tragedy on Europe’s shores, where we are witnessing more and more people drowning in the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. Belatedly, this issue has now made it onto the agenda of European governments – their words of the last few days must be turned into life-saving action. EU leaders will be gathering at an emergency meeting this Thursday – it is vital they take action to immediately set up effective search & rescue operations to save lives.
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Local Action

We take action within Norwich and the local area to raise awareness. This may take the form of demonstrations, fundraising event or media campaigns.

Campaign Image Gallery

A number of photographs are taken at our Campaign Events, which you can view via our Gallery page

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