Amnesty staff could face up to 15 years in a Turkish prison. The Chair and Director of Amnesty Turkey have both been formally accused on false allegations of involvement with “terrorist organisations”. Many other activists face the same fate as part of Turkey’s appalling crackdown on human rights.

This cannot continue. Tell the Turkish Embassy in London that our staff must be freed, and that these shocking human rights abuses must end immediately.


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Taner Kılıç, Chair of Amnesty Turkey, was detained in the early hours of 6 June along with 22 other lawyers on suspicion of involvement with Fethullah Gülen’s “terrorist organisation”.

A month later İdil Eser, Director of Amnesty Turkey, was attending a routine digital security and information management workshop in a hotel in Büyükada, Istanbul when the authorities burst in and arrested her, along with nine other activists, without giving a reason.

Charges have now been officially filed with the Turkish courts, accusing them both of involvement with “terrorist organisations”, and they remain in prison awaiting trial.

Let’s be clear — this is not a legitimate prosecution. This is political persecution.

İdil, Taner and the other human rights defenders have done nothing wrong. They have simply refused to be silenced in the face of a dangerous crackdown that is worsening every day. That is why they have been targeted. And that is why we must now defend them.

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AI France staff membres protesting the arrest and detention of AI Turkey director Idil Eser, AI Turkey chairman Taner Kiliç and 9 orhers Human rights defenders at the Turkish embassy in Paris on 20 July 2017.