Every day women on Twitter face a barrage of violence and abuse: from racist and sexist attacks to rape and death threats.

Twitter claims to be a champion of free expression, but women are routinely leaving the platform as the unchecked violence and abuse they receive becomes too much to bear.


Amnesty have launched a campaign to get Twitter to clean up its act.

Please email Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, and tell him to make Twitter a safe space for women by enforcing it’s rules on hateful conduct and abuse.

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Although violence and abuse on Twitter happens online, it has real life consequences.

In a 2017 poll we found that 55% of women who received harassment and abuse online said that they experienced anxiety, stress or panic attacks as a result. What’s more, over a third felt their physical safety was at threat due to the harassment and abuse they received.

Women have told us about the precautionary measures they have taken to protect their family from this abuse. One woman told us that she changed her child’s last name at school. Another said she turned down media appearances once her pregnancy became visible because she was terrified of any abuse or violence online targeting the baby.

Violence and abuse are an attempt to scare women into silence. Twitter must not allow this to go unchecked.

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