This was a shortened meeting as the Charing Cross Centre was closed due to a faulty fire alarm and it took some time to find an alternative venue – the upstairs room at the St Andrew’s Brewhouse.

Chair: David Huband

Chair welcomed all to the meeting.


Monthly Action

This was postponed.

Joanna re-introduced the case of Atena Farghadani, a 29 year old Iranian artist who has been imprisoned for 12 years for insulting members of parliament through paintings, after a trial that lasted half an hour. Members were invited to write to the Iranian authorities asking that the charges should be dropped and that she should be released. All details on the Amnesty website.

Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan

David Ford distributed letters to the President and Ambassador of both countries for members to sign – asking for the release of Salidzhon Abdurakhmanov (Uzbekistan) and for an independent enquiry into the death in custody of Ogulsapar Muradova (Turkmenistan).

David Huband explained that we will now have £1 stamps available at meetings, with a collecting tin for donations.

Shaker Aamer

The Committee had agreed that we ought to send a letter to Shaker Aamer (via Reprieve) in recognition of his very welcome release. David Huband read the letter he had written and members signed it.


We were very pleased to welcome Marguerite Philips of Sanctuary Norfolk – campaigning for 50 refugees to be settled in Norfolk. She gave a detailed and very interesting, wide-ranging talk. She spoke about the political aspects which mean that both City and County Councils have to work together. And she described the work of local churches in setting up a fund to support refugees when they arrive. The talk ended with an interesting question and answer session.

Future events

Meeting with Clive Lewis

David Huband and David Yates will meet with Clive Lewis MP on 5th December to discuss allowances for Asylum Seekers and the Human Rights Act.

Write for Rights

This will be held on 12th December at The Anteros Centre which is next door to the King of Hearts on Fye Bridge Street.

Christmas Cards

These are selling well. The Royal Arcade is a very successful venue.

Next Meeting – Wednesday 16th December 2015 at 7.30pm


Download 18th November 2015 Minutes (Word)

Download 18th November 2015 Minutes (PDF)