20th February 2013 Minutes

Chair: David Huband (DH)


Chair welcomed all to the meeting.

Apologies Debbie, Roz, Lesley 16 people present

Minutes of December open meeting agreed. January meeting cancelled because of bad weather.



David F

92 signatures in support of the two prisoners collected at the Quiz and Dips in January. These will be sent to the President and the Ambassador.

Carl has compiled a disc of footage of 24 individual supporters, this will also go to the President and the Ambassador.

David circulated copies of a campaign letter to date, sign or adapt.

Cards of support for families also welcome. Contact information is on the group website.

Jim suggested we look at an AI publication entitled 101 ways of helping a prisoner (or similar title) for new ideas for campaigning.

Action Joanna

Monthly Actions


Zimbabwe 2013 Election /Call for an election free from violence
Campaign targets presidents of South Africa, Tanzania and Angola leaders of the South African Development Community asking them to undertake measures to ensure the 2013 general election is free from violence.

4 action sheets handed out.

Women’s Group

Joanna (Roz)

Li Yan (China) denied protection from abuse, facing execution for killing her husband.

6 action sheets handed out.

(Check IAR website before sending appeals after 7 March)

Shaker Aamer


The December meeting decided to renew action on behalf of Shaker Aamer.

Jim circulated a leaflet with background information and a draft letter.

E-petition needs 1000,000 signatures before 20 April for it to go forward to the House of Commons for discussion. Currently there are 31,178 signatures. At least six organisations including AI support him. All paper signatures will be transcribed onto the e-petition.
*Jim suggests that the UK government could make Shaker Aamer a British citizen. This could be mentioned to Simon Wright MP.

Save Shaker Aamer stall 23 March in front of St Peter Mancroft Church
Members of the Norwich School sixth form will organise it with our group support.

Norwich School variety show 21 March ‘Open’, Bank Plain. Tickets on door

Arms Trade

David Y

Campaign for the Arms Trade Treaty is up and running again in preparation for the next conference on 18 March 2013. AI campaign is directed at UK government as a key ATT champion.

David Y and Tom will meet Simon Wright MP possibly with photo.

David Y encouraged members with other MPs to contact them. Future local radio may be interested.

Jim suggested that the meting with Simon Wright might cover several issues, ATT, Turkmenistan, *Shaker Aamer. David Y will contact SW’s office and circulate the date to others. Carl advised that if a group of people went together to raise different issues they would need separate appointment times even if they go in together.

Action David Y

Quiz and Dips

Raised over £900

Treasure Hunt

Afternoon Sunday 2 June

Street Collection

11th May

Carl will email database for collectors – Action Carl (In due course)

Check rules for collectors aged under 18 – Action Joanna

Peace Camp

25 June

April Open Meeting

Prof David Mead will speak about the Security and Justice Bill. Discuss whether we request larger room, at committee meeting

Action David (agenda)

Christmas Card Sales

£170 profit with cards unsold. Overall sales at Assembly House were down by £5,000. Thanks given to Sue.

Big Sky Concert

Whole project raised £7,500 in 10 venues including £2,500 given to AIUK through our group. Thanks given to David F.

Report and Discussion of EGM

Issues that led to EGM: Decision to increase amount national sections pay to ICM from 70/30 split to 60/40
Reason given by AI: Fund closer to the ground policy (CTTGP).

AIUK board view is that the CTTGP was agreed democratically at the international council meeting (ICM). Opposition now would have implications for AIUK. Decisions taken at the IS are binding, AIUK might lose various rights including use of the Amnesty logo.

Those opposing the increased amount say they have no objection to the CTTGP but the implications of redundancies were not mentioned at the AIUK AGM in 2012 and the decision is not democratic. It is unlikely that AIUK would suffer severe penalties if they refused the increase, AIUK is too important a section.

Board says AI’s mission values and strategy are not changing but others dispute this.
Issue of what constitutes change to aims and strategy is not resolved.

Repercussions of the change: Reduced number of issues and campaigns


Forthcoming AI campaigns: Plight of women in Afghanistan/Zimbabwe elections/Individuals At Risk/Fundraising for Indian section

Talk -Trading Away Peace ? How Europe helps sustain illegal settlements and what we can do about it.
Friends Meeting House, Norwich
14th March 7pm-9pm
Speakers Leah Levine (Jews for Justice for Palestine) Marigold Bentley (Quaker Peace & Social Witness)

Close of Meeting

Date next meeting:
Wednesday 20th March, 2013 : 7.30pm – Group AGM – All are Welcome

Please send resolutions for the AGM to David H ahead of the AGM to info@norwichamnesty.org.uk


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