19th June 2013 Minutes

Chair: David Huband (DH)

Minutes: Sue Mills

Apologies Roz, Joanna

Minutes of May open meeting agreed


Gitti Dunham – Country Co-ordinator for Central Asia and a member of the Bury Group gave a fascinating talk emphasising the strategic importance of the region, starting with an overview of Central Asia from the Tsars to the USSR and then focusing on the refugee crisis in Kyrgistan.

Monthly Actions

Suspended as Roz was absent.



David Ford circulated copies of a letter to the President of Turkmenistan, copied to the Minister of the Interior, once again asking for an independent investigation into the death in custody of Ogulsapar Muradova.

Shaker Aamer

Jim Massey read an open letter from the hunger strikers (including Shaker Aamer) addressed to military doctors and asking for independent doctors to assess their treatment. He detailed developments within the last month. David Cameron raised Shaker’s case with President Obama at the G8.

David Ford took part in a demonstration outside Parliament on 12th June organised by the London-based campaign to free Shaker.

A card addressed to Shaker was signed by all present.

Zimbabwe elections

The election is to be on July 11th, though President Mugabe wants it postponed for 2 weeks. An Amnesty petition urging the South African Development Committee to keep up the pressure to ensure a free, fair and peaceful election was circulated. A very interesting short Amnesty film of Jennie Williams of WOZA (Women of Zimbabwe) was shown.


  • Treasure Hunt. Good fun, though few participants. Thanks to David Yates and Jono
  • Peace Camp 22nd June
  • Pride Day 27th July


Kate Allen (AIUK) gave evidence to the Foreign Affairs Committee. Broadcast on Parliament Live.

We need to think hard about another fund-raising activity this year. Suggestions to Committee members please.

Committee meeting 26th June

Meeting ended 9.10

Next Meeting

Wednesday 17th July at 7.30


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