15th May 2013 Minutes

Chair: David Huband (DH) welcomed us. Minutes of April open meeting agreed.
Apologies Debbie, Roz, Peter, Carl, David F 14 people present


  • Simon Wright MP
    Jim, David Y, David F, Roz met Simon Wright MP and received a positive response to the Arms Trade Treaty, Violence Against Women campaigns. To support Shake Aamer he agreed to write Theresa May again as no reply to first letter.

Jim distributed information and an action to write to Shaker himself and President Obama.

David B has received a letter from Richard Bacon about Shaker.

Monthly Actions

  • Bahrain –Teacher tortured and denied proper access to a lawyer, sentenced to 5 years for non-violent action urging teachers to strike. David H signed a letter on our behalf.
  • Zimbabwe elections – Action- letters to Southern African Development community of key states of influence South Africa, Tanzania, Mozambique, Malawi, Namibia asking them to put pressure on Zimbabwean authorities. Action will be raised at next meeting.


  • Street collection – £339.87 £90 more than last year. Thanks to Nicky for organisation.
  • Wymondham College Amnesty week – David H gave a talk as past of the fundraising week
  • Treasure Hunt 2nd June Norwich city centre – David Y
  • Jazz evening Ely Amnesty group 9 June


Dr Rupert Read, Reader in Philosophy UEA addressed the fascinating and thought provoking subject subject of ‘How to care for future generations’. He argued that human rights needs to extend to unborn future generations and proposed a mechanism to make this possible. His talk was followed by a lively question and answer session.

Next Meeting

Wednesday 19 June at 7.30 Refugee Week

Gitti Dunham Bury AI group

Central Asia from the Tsars to the Soviet Union, the historical context of the refugee crisis in Kyrgistan


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