19th September 2012 Minutes

Chair: David Huband (DH)
Minutes: Debbie Campbell (DC)


Chair welcomed all to the meeting.

Matters Arising from Minutes of last meeting

  • Sarah Oliver has confirmed she is happy for her training on the Human Rights Act, at the next open meeting, to be recorded.
  • Georgetown University’s request to link to our group website was not discussed at recent committee meeting but will be added to next committee agenda. ACTION Chair/DC

Monthly Action – Roz Cadwallader (RC)

RC updated on the case of Reggie Clemons and the action the group had taken on the previous weekend to gather 70 signatures for petition. RC also reminded group that there is an online petition on AI website which is still open for signing.


Control Arms

Chair updated that Gill Albert had received a letter from Alastair Burt, via Chloe Smith MP, and quoted extract from it which confirmed that the government was seriously behind the Arms Trade Treaty.

Chair reminded group that AI was instrumental in getting the Small Arms Treaty in place.


David Ford reported that:

  • the group’s account was now with the Co-op Bank;
  • the group had paid for order of AI Christmas cards which would be on sale in the Assembly House from 15 October.


Carl Grint updated.


Tom Read would welcome copy for the next Newsletter.


  • Chair read out extract from the Goldstone Report, and reminded group that report could be read on the website.
  • There will be an Early Day Motion for Palestine to be recognised as a state, so it is time to lobby MPs.
  • Further information can be found on the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign website.

Peace Camp

Carl Grint (CG) offered to ensure the group has a presence at the Peace Camp – see group’s website under Events. ACTION CG

Protect the Human Week

Chair reported this will take place on the last week of October. Volunteers sought to run a stall on Turkmenistan the morning of Saturday 20 October, outside St Peter Mancroft. Also aim to get MPs to sign support as a photo opportunity.
Raise at next Open Meeting on 17 October. ACTION Chair/Debbie Campbell


Chair introduced Jenny Kelly, from North Norfolk group, who spoke on ‘Living and Farming under Israeli Occupation’, followed by questions and thanks from Chair.

Turkmenistan – David Ford (DF)

  • Situation of the three prisoners of conscience remains the same.
  • Gave details on the template letter to the President for group members to write to, along with additional addresses.
  • DF raised the idea of video statements of support which could be sent to the embassy in London.
  • There had been no replies from MEPs. DF and Chair suggested chasing for replies, after suitable period.


  • RC referred to a cutting from the Independent newspaper about Tamil refugees being sent back to Sri Lanka, often to face torture.
  • Chair reminded group that Jenny Kelly had brought bottles of Palestinian olive oil for members to buy.

Close of Meeting

Chair thanked all present for their attendance.

Date next meeting:
Wednesday 19th September, 2012 : 7.30pm – All are Welcome

Speaker: Odai Alzoubi, speaking on Syria


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