Chair: David Huband

  • Chair welcomed all to the meeting
  • Minutes of last meeting agreed

Matters arising

EDP monitoring
This initiative from the Refugee sub-group seems to be working. A strongly anti-immigrant letter was picked up by Pru, who wrote a powerful reply which, (accompanied by a photo), was printed.

Liu Xiaobo
David Huband reported on developments following the death (and burial at sea) of Liu Xiaobo. Six activists who held a shore ceremony have been “disappeared”. One supporter has been photographed on social media with staples all over his leg.

David Huband has received a positive reply from to his letter to the Sheriff, David Walker, thanking him for his warm and sincere speech at the opening of the Peace camp at the Forum.


Nazanin Zaghari-Radcliffe
Jim has received a reply from Clive Lewis MP. Letters, highlighting the cases of both Nazanin and Kamal Foroughi, who is also a British Iranian national imprisoned in Iran, were distributed to members to send to their MPs. The fact that most members are in the Norwich South constituency was noted and those in other Norfolk constituencies were particularly encouraged to write to their MP.

Salidzhon Abdurakhmanov
David Ford distributed detailed information sheets about Uzbekistan, giving both the background and a detailed explanation of this case and including a template for letter writing – to the President, the Prosecutor General and the Ambassador.

Recent Events

The ‘Refugees Welcome’ social event was judged a success – there were many positive responses. Thanks to all who provided the food. The basement room was inadequate, though as we spread out, the event worked better. There was discussion about hosting future events.

David Yates reported that Pride Day had been very successful. About 250 people had signed our petition to the Russian authorities protesting against the murders of gay men in Chechnya.

Many members attended the very interesting Service at the Octagon Chapel on August 6th which, following the life and death of the 16th century reformer Michael Servetus, was based on the theme of Prisoners of Conscience. Thanks were given for the very generous donation to Amnesty.

The meeting ended with a “Write-a-thon” organised by David Yates who brought writing paper, envelopes and 6 Urgent Action cases, for members to respond to.

Future Events

  • August 29th Refugee sub-group meets at Café Marzano 7.00pm
  • September 1st Louise Gooch (Policy Officer, Strategic Migration Partnership: East of England) visit 4.00pm
  • September 2nd Peace Demo (outside St Peter Mancroft) 12.00-1.00
  • September 6th Committee Meeting at David Ford’s
  • September 20th ‘Give a Home to HR’ event. (No details as yet)
  • September 23rd Regional Conference. Chelmsford.
  • September and October Open Meetings: Members will be writing Urgent Action letters to Palestine, Papua New Guinea, Argentina and China.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 20th September 2017