Chair: David Huband

  • Chair welcomed all to the meeting
  • Minutes of last meeting agreed

Matters arising

  • The Group raised £53 during the April meeting, which was sent to EAPPI, not Paul Clark as previously stated.
  • The Chair apologised for forgetting to attend the May Peace Vigil. He reminded the Group that the next one would be on 3rd June – 12-1pm outside St Peter Mancroft.


  • David Huband gave a talk at Lowestoft Sixth Form College.
  • Joanna gave information about Election Hustings on May 22nd/23rd at Open. Sue Mills agreed to email the information to Carl after the meeting so that the details could be sent to the membership. AI wants members to contact as many candidates as possible, raising the issue of Human Rights. There are helpful examples of questions to ask online.
  • The Social Event planned for the June Meeting (during Refugee Week) has been postponed because it clashes with Ramadan.
  • Peace Camp will be on 15th July in the Forum.
  • Pride day will be on July 29th. We will have a stall in the Forum.


  • Refugee sub-group
    This Group has researched and produced an excellent factual leaflet about Refugees. It will go onto our website with a list of questions. The main aim is to educate.
    The Group’s next meeting is on June 13th at 7.30 at Café Marzano in the Forum, when the Dubs Amendment may be a focus. All welcome.
  • Letter writing sub-group
    Members were asked whether they preferred writing letters at the meeting, at home or as part of a letter-writing sub-group. There was an inconclusive outcome, because of time pressure, but there was some support for a letter writing sub-group and we will pursue the idea further.
  • Uzbekistan
    David Ford reminded members that Salidzhon Abdurakhmanov has served 7 of a 10 year sentence. The 28th May is his birthday, so letters should be sent to the new President, with a copy to the ambassador in London. Copies of the letter were distributed.

Formal business concluded at 8 o’clock when members moved to the Forum to set up an Amnesty stall and distribute the leaflets prepared by the Refugee sub-group for a performance of “We Meet in Paradise”.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 21st June 2017


Download 17th May 2017 Minutes (Word)

Download 17th May 2017 Minutes (PDF)