Chair: David Huband

  • Chair welcomed all to the meeting; 22 members present.
  • Minutes of last meeting agreed.

Talk and Discussion

David Huband suggested that we needed to address the issue of the relationship between Human Rights and climate change, especially in the light of the latest IPCC report. He introduced Jo-anne Veltman, who spoke with convincing authority about “Climate change – a tipping point for human rights.” This was followed by a discussion with many interesting points made. AI tends to be reactive (e.g. The Dakota pipeline) but the AI Board will ensure, by the 2018 Global Assembly, the delivery of a draft strategy to effectively safeguard human rights In the face of climate change. It was pointed out that AI has never campaigned to challenge a regime, but on behalf of people and/or groups (though local groupswereinvolved in the campaign against the arms trade.) Jo-anne Veltman was warmly thanked for her presentation.


BRAVE Campaign

details are online and members are urged to focus on our government and to prioritise the campaign through Embassies and High Commissions. Also, when contacting our MPs to urge them to speak in Parliament and to attend the annual Human Rights Day at Speaker’s House in Westminster.

Rodrico Mundaca

Joanna introduced the case of Rodrico Mundaca, a Chilean water rights activist. Members are asked to sign the on-line petition calling for protection for him and his fellow workers. (His case is also part of the Brave campaign).

Salidzhon Abdurakhmanov

David Ford reported that both Joanna and Jim had received replies to their letters (pointing out that Salidzhon is now due for release), from the Prosecutor General’s Office in Uzbekistan, who wrote that “You will be informed about the results of the request”. Members are urged to keep up the pressure and write again to the Uzbek authorities and their ambassador.

Past Events

  • The Peace Camp went very well. Many thanks to David Yates for his efforts, and to the large number of helpers.

Future Events

  • 22nd October – Open Rights Group meeting (Digital Rights) at the Charing Cross Centre – 6.25pm
  • 3rd November – Peace Vigil, outside St. Peter Mancroft – 12-1pm
  • 9th November – Freedom from Torture Quiz @ White Woman Lane School – 7.30pm
  • 8th December – Write for Rights at St Peter Mancroft from 10-3pm

Next Meeting

7.30pm Wednesday 21st November

Charing Cross Centre