Chair: David Huband

  • 35 people present
  • Chair welcomed all to the meeting and introduced our Speaker, Paul Burnal from the UEA School of Law who spoke about Internet privacy – Cambridge Analytica and Human Rights.

Mr Burnal made clear his belief that after the leaks from Edward Snowden, revealing that Governments and Corporations around the World were monitoring everything they could, we should all be very wary– yet on the whole, the UK seems relatively unconcerned..

He described the way in which this level of surveillance impacts on our Human Rights – particularly the right to privacy.

Facebook is almost universal giving huge opportunities to target groups (by race/politics/age etc.) and this profiling can and is used to influence people. Fake news, he said, works because it fits the profiles which have been mined from the internet – by companies like Cambridge Analytica.

A short question and answer session followed and Mr Burnal was warmly thanked.


  • David Huband publicised the abolition of the death penalty in Guineain sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Joanna introduced the case of Ahed Tamimi, a Palestinian teenager who is serving 8 months in prison for attacking an Israeli soldier who had shot her cousin in the head. Details can be found on the Amnesty web-site and on the Norwich Group’s website.

Other matters

  • David Huband reported that, at the AIUK AGM, all the motions we, as a group, instructed him to vote against, were passed – except the first, concerning self-determination for Papua New Guinea.
  • He also announced that an Amnesty second hand bookshop would be opening on Unthank Road and that the manager was asking for volunteers to work there.

Past Events

  • Many thanks to Helen for her work in organising our Film Festival at Cinema City.

Future Events

  • April 19th/20th: David Huband is giving a talk at Lakenham Primary School on Refugees and Human Rights.
  • Friday 20th April 1pm. David Ford is giving a talk on Human Rights Today: New Challenges at the Friends’ Meeting House.
  • Friday 27th April – Political Economy of the Palestinian Struggle. UEA Elizabeth Fry Room 01.05.
  • Saturday 5th May:12 -1pm. Peace Vigil St. Peter Mancroft
  • Saturday 2nd June: 3-5pm. An Amnestea at the Martineau Hall.
  • Saturday 23rd June – Amnesty Quiz and Dips at St. Thomas’ Church Hall, Earlham Road. More details later.
  • Saturday 12th May 11am-3pm:A stall on Hay Hill in aid of Norwich Open Rights.
  • Saturday 30th June – Street collection. Volunteers needed!! More details later.
  • September 3rd. Poetry and Music Social at the Arts Centre. More details later.

Next Open Meeting

Wednesday 16thMay 2018

Charing Cross Centre at 7.30

Speaker: Mark English ‘Modern Slavery’