• Chair: David Huband
  • Chair welcomed all to the meeting: 10 members present
  • Minutes of last meeting agreed.

Past Events

Quiz and Dips

This was very enjoyable and a big success. £627 was raised.

Very many thanks to Roz and Debbie for all their hard work.

The Committee will discuss whether summer is the best time of year for this event.

Visit to Norwich Girls High School

David H spoke about the role played by Amnesty in successfully campaigning against the Arms Trade.

Street Collection

Many thanks to Nicky for organising this – it raised £160.

There was a discussion about how we might raise more money through this event. Ideas ranged from holding it at a different time of year, advertising and recruiting younger collectors. The Committee will discuss this. Joanna will contact AIUK for the most recent rulebook about working with young people and the Committee will discuss this at their next meeting.

Future Events

Bookshop Opening

The shop may open 3 days a week in August.

There was a discussion about possible literary celebrities who might perform the Grand Opening.

July 28th Pride Day

David Yates will be away but will pass all materials to David Ford.

Helpers still needed – a rota was passed round. David Yates will ask Carl to publicise the event and ask for more volunteers.

4th August– Peace Vigil St Peter Mancroft 12-1pm

22nd September– Peace Camp


Jim Massey had received an email from Reprieve to write to his MP about the enquiry into UK involvement in rendition and torture. He had received a reply in which Clive Lewis asserted that he believed a judge-led enquiry is inescapable.

The meeting then focused on letter writing

David Ford gave a resume of the case of Salidzhon Abdurakhmanov from Uzbekistan, who is due for release this year. He distributed sample letters. It is important that we keep up our letter writing, making sure that we send copies to the Uzbek Ambassador.

Joanna distributed the AIUK briefing sheet for the BRAVE campaign and a letter writing Guide from AIUK.

Next Meeting

7.30 Wednesday, August 15th

Charing Cross Centre