Chair: David Huband

  • Chair welcomed all to the meeting
  • Minutes of last meeting agreed
  • Matters arising: A collection was held in aid of EAPPI to be sent to last month’s excellent speaker, Paul Clark.


Tuesday 2nd May

The next meeting of the Refugee sub-group will be held at Café Marzano at 7.00 pm. The group held its first meeting, with 7 members. They aim to produce a fact sheet (based on Norwich- but in the context of the wider world) and will try to put it together at the next meeting. They will also ask the library to allow a display during Refugee Week. Clive Lewis MP has sent a standard letter in response to the group’s letter.

This work is to fit in with the current AI campaign – but there has been very little promotion or help for Groups. It was pointed out that the Red Cross website claims that there are no groups campaigning for refugees in Norwich!

David H and David F will meet a man who is proposing to set up an Amnesty second hand bookshop.

Saturday, 6th May

Peace vigil outside St Peter Mancroft from 12-1.00

17/18 May 8.30pm

The Forum

We Meet in Paradise. NB. Our May meeting will finish early so that members can attend this event which is part of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival.

19-25th June

Refugee Week


Jo Cox Memorial Day

June 21st

Rumsey Wells Social Evening

23rd September

AI Regional Conference Chelmsford


Norwich Cathedral

Protestimony Exhibition

Report on AIUK National Conference

David H attended this year’s conference and reported back on the Resolutions

A1 Body of rules for AIUK – passed

A2 Amended Resolutions concerning proxy voting – failed

A3 Written statements to replace background notes to aid proxy voting – failed

B1 Eviction of Chagossian people from British Indian Ocean Territory – passed.

B2 Improvement of standards for detention of Asylum seekers in UK – passed

B3 Freedom of Ahmadiyya to practice their religion in Pakistan – passed

C1 Articles of association, nominations – passed

C2 Cessation of membership on bankruptcy – passed

C3 AIUK events – carried

C4 Review of remuneration of Regional Reps – carried (despite opposition from Regional Reps.)

C5 Re-evaluation of policy on sex workers – failed


A letter writing sub-group was discussed.

Members wrote letters for the remainder of the meeting.

  • Members signed a petition to stop the use of British weapons in Yemen.
  • Joanna highlighted concerns about a school census (information from Liberty).
  • Joanna introduced an Urgent Action to free Noori, a Syrian Refugee, from unlawful detention on the Greek island of Lesvos.
  • An Urgent Action on behalf of Thayyib Shaheem , a Maldivian in prison for criticising a development project in the Maldives.
  • David F distributed information about the continuing detention of Salidzhon Abdurakhmanov in Uzbekistan
  • AIUK Children’s Human Rights Network. Joanna introduced the case of 4 children and their mothers who have been held in an Immigration and Customs Enforcement centre in Pennsylvania for more than 500 days.


The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 16th May 2017


Download 19th April 2017 Minutes (Word)

Download 19th April 2017 Minutes (PDF)