Chair: David Huband

  • Chair welcomed all to the meeting: 10 members present
  • Minutes of last meeting agreed
  • AOB: None


Joanna introduced the case (through the Children’s Human Rights network) of Aser Mohamed, an Egyptian boy who was arrested on 12 January 2016 at the age of 14. He was subjected to enforced disappearance and reportedly tortured. Joanna distributed letters, addressed to President Abdel Fattah al Sisi asking for an impartial and effective investigation into this case.

Joanna introduced an Urgent Action on behalf of Chilean lawyer Karina Riquelme who is being followed and surveilled by police intelligence agents because of her work as a defender of Mapuche indigenous rights. Members were asked to write immediately (before 19thOctober) calling on the Chilean authorities to take all necessary measures to ensure that Karina Riquelme can freely and safely carry out her work as a lawyer and a defender of Mapuche Indigenous People and ensure that the police and public prosecutor’s office does not interfere with the free exercise of legal activities.

Joanna also distributed copies of a useful paper on How to Write an Effective Appeal letter.

Salidzhon Abdurakhmanov
David Ford reminded the meeting that Salidzhon is due for release this year and urged members to continue to send appeals to the Uzbek authorities and Ambassador asking for his release.

Global Assembly Report

David Ford gave a summary of AI’s Global Assembly Report detailing AI’s impact in 2017 This is an International Committee meeting held every 2 years.

David picked out the salient points.

  • AI has 6.8 million supporters and 1million of these are from the Global South.

There are 5 main goals

  1. Reclaiming Freedoms(e.g. The ‘Brave’ Campaign.)
  2. Equal Rights for all(e.g. The Peru Report)
  3. Responding to crises.(Difficult to achieve, but AI continues to document these.)
  4. Ensuring accountability (e.g. AI reported 993 executions in Guinea which may have influenced the decision to abolish the Death penalty in Guinea).
  5. Growing the movement.(In 2017 68million supporters took action (56%female and 44% male.)
  • £268 million has been raised – 2/3 individual giving – the rest, philanthropy.

Short Paper

David Huband gave an interesting and thoughtful analysis of the detail and implications of Israel’s “Jewish Nation State” Law – followed by a discussion.

Past Events

The Refugee Social Event was a sell-out though disappointingly, there were few refugees present.

Future Events

  • Sept 22nd Peace Camp at the Forum. Volunteers signed a rota.
  • Sept 29/30th. Amnesty Speaker’s Conference
  • October 3rd. Committee meeting at Joanna’s
  • October 6th. Peace Vigil 12 o clock outside St Peter Mancroft
  • Write for Rights – Date to be finalised

Next Meeting

7.30 Wednesday October 17th

Charing Cross Centre