Chair: David Huband

  • Chair welcomed all to the meeting
  • Minutes of last meeting agreed
  • Matters arising: None


Monthly Action

Joanna gave a Monthly Action briefing on Amnesty’s BRAVE campaign – calling for recognition and protection of HRDs – Human Rights Defenders, (recognising that women HRDs face gender-based violence in addition to the attacks that other HRDs face.)

Members and Groups are asked to contact their MPs to highlight this campaign. There will be more details in the New Year.


David F has an action sheet for the case of Salidzhon Abdurakhmanov. He will write again this month and will write to Salidzhon’s wife over Christmas.

Johan Tettterissa (Indonesia)

The Thetford Group has asked us to join their campaign to send a signed birthday card to this prisoner. A birthday card was circulated and signed.

Nazanin Zaghari-Radcliffe

David Ford has written a letter to his MP Richard Bacon concerning the fate of Mrs Zaghari Radcliffe, but has received no reply. He read out the text of the letter and all agreed that his letter was extremely powerful and should be sent again.

Climate change/ International Affairs

A bulletin has been received from AIUK to explain that a new policy has been agreed that they will work with other organisations (eg. Action Aid – Greenpeace) as climate change will have a detrimental effect on indigenous people. David H proposed that we should try to get a speaker on this topic.

The Refugee sub-group

Jane reported that the 2 fact sheets created by the sub-group have been printed for us by Hatch Brenner- who will print more if needed – many thanks to them.

Clive Lewis has suggested that these might be distributed in local party newsletters.

The sub-group has drafted a letter pointing out that Norwich and Norfolk ought to accept more refugees than has been the case so far. Pru will get the names of all City and County councillors so that we can write to them all, enclosing the leaflets

EDP monitoring seems to be working – though the only letter was one written by Jane which resulted in a very forceful reply (anonymous) from someone who clearly had not been persuaded by Jane’s carefully constructed argument.

Past Events

  • Al Khan al-Ahmar School film at UEA December 6th.
  • David H visited Hewett Academy (which has a student group), promoting Write for Rights on 11th December
  • The Octagon Candlelight Concert on 12th December was a great success with £1000 raised for New Routes.
  • Write for Rights on 16th December was very successful – St Peter Mancroft was a good venue – though chilly.

Future Events

  • 4th January: Refugee sub-group meeting. 7 00pm Café Bar Marzano’s.
  • 6th January Peace Vigil St Peter Mancroft 12.00-1.00
  • 10th January Committee meeting – Joanna’s 7.30
  • 16th January UEA Lecture: Hope in the face of a deteriorating climate. T Paine Centre 6.15

The meeting concluded with mince pies and letter writing.

Next Meeting: 17th January 2018 at 7.30pm