Chair: David Huband

  • 12 members present
  • Chair welcomed all to the meeting:
  • Apologies : Joanna


Salidzhon Abdurakhmanov

David Ford reported that a number of members have received a letter from a Judge of the Uzbek Supreme Court – but in incomprehensible legalese.

As Salidzhon is due for release this year, we should keep up the letter writing pressure, sending copies to the Uzbek Ambassador. David F will write to Salidzhon’s wife.

Seyi Akwowa

A women’s rights activist who received a wave of abuse after speaking in the European Parliament. Twitter failed to respond to her claims. Take action on Amnesty’s on-line campaign

Me Nam

A Vietnamese blogger, featured in Write for Rights, given a 10 year sentence has been released.

Tep Vanny

David Huband reported that Tep Vanny, imprisoned for 2 years, has been released.

Sale of arms to Saudi Arabia

Members were invited to sign an on-line petition against the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia and encouraged to join the Peace Demonstration on December 1st.

Talk and Discussion

David Huband welcomed Jo-Anne Veltman for a talk and discussion about climate change and refugees.

At present, migrants cannot claim refugee status on the grounds of loss of livelihood and habitat caused by climate change. Should Amnesty be making the case at the UN that this ruling should be changed?

There was a lengthy discussion following Jo-Anne’s presentation. A vote was taken and a majority of those present voted for the motion. Jo-Anne was warmly thanked for her excellent presentation.

Past events

David Huband visited Peterhouse Primary School in Gorleston.

Future events

  • Michael Mears’ play about WW1 conscientious objectors – “This evil thing”. 26th November 7.30pm.
  • Peace Demo – outside St Peter Mancroft 12noon –1pm 18th December
  • Write for Rights at St Peter Mancroft – December 8th 10am-3pm
  • Bishop’s Garden party – 23rd June 2019

Next Meeting

7.30pm Wednesday December 19th

Letter writing and Mince pies