Chechnya: stop abducting and killing gay men

Over a hundred men suspected of being gay have been abducted, tortured and some even killed in the southern Russian republic of Chechnya.

The Chechen government won’t admit that gay men even exist in Chechnya, let alone that they ordered what the police call ‘preventive mopping up’ of people they deem undesirable.

Amnesty urgently need your help to call out the Chechen government on the persecution of people who are, as they put it, of ‘non-traditional orientation’, and urge immediate action to ensure their safety.

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Growing anti-gay sentiment

According to Novaya Gazeta, an atmosphere of anti-gay feeling has been growing in Chechnya since early March when local media reported that Moscow-based gay rights group had applied for permits to stage gay rights rallies across Russia, including in Muslim-majority regions.

Members of the NGO Russian LGBTI network have created a hotline offering help to those who may be looking for safety outside the region. However, there are also anonymous warnings online that some of the offers of help made over the internet may be used by criminals to track down other LGBTI individuals.

Amnesty need your help to call for prompt, effective and thorough investigations into the reports of abductions and killings of men believed to be gay in Chechnya. Anyone found guilty or complicit in such crimes must be brought to justice.

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