Norwich Amnesty invites you to a talk by Dr. Paul Bernal (UEA) ‘Internet Privacy, Cambridge Analytica and Human Rights’

At our April 2018 Monthly Meeting, Dr. Paul Bernal (UEA) will be talking on ‘Internet Privacy, Cambridge Analytica and Human Rights’

18 April at 19:3021:30

The Cambridge Analytica affair has shown how personal data was illegally gathered from Facebook and used to influence both the American Presidential election and the referendum on our membership of the EU. Also, the UK investigatory Powers Act of 2016 (the ‘Snoopers Charter’) allows access by police and security services to stored data, which has been ruled as unlawful by the Court of Appeal and the European Court of Human Rights.

Both these are matters which affect everyone who uses a computer.

Dr Bernal has made a study over a number of years of the interaction of human rights and internet privacy, and of the commercial gathering and use of data by organisations like Facebook and Google; he gave his expert opinion recently on the BBC’s Newsnight when the Cambridge Analytica story was breaking.

This is an opportunity to share his expertise in a vital subject which affects us all.

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